Prince Vega: Terrorist Group ISIL Is A Fabricated Enemy Funded By The US And Its Allies

Prince Vega is again skeptical about the rising terrorist group known to the world as ‘ISIS’ in the mainstream media. The music artist can’t seam to shake off the thought that questions the agenda behind what we are told to believe by mainstream media news sites.

“I’m not buying anything the government says about ISIL,” he said. “I’m willing to bet ISIL is a fabricated enemy that’s funded by the US and its allies. The government continues to drive fear under a delusional engine that carries our thoughts into believing we want what they think its best. How can you not be tired of these people? They keep doing this over and over again.”

Prince Vega couldn’t help but speak on what else bothered him about the ISIL group. He went on to say he’s uncomfortable with the idea of a Muslim terrorist group naming themselves after Ancient Egyptian goddess ISIS.

“Why would a muslim terrorist group name themselves after an ancient kemetic deity that represents truth, justice and righteousness? It’s like they are trying to demonize everything involved with Kemet. The reality is hidden under a system financially manufactured by wealthy people that wants everything for themselves and will do anything to keep it that way. The reason they are demonizing anything involving kemet because their metaphysical symbols restores the conscious way of living spiritually from within. The sacred writings of the oldest civilization teaches you that YOU ARE THE ANSWER. The government has been teaching us all our lives that life is a big mystery when its not. You are living life, so how the hell is it a mystery?”

Prince Vega just recently added a radio station feature to broadcast different radio shows on Internet Hollywood &! The musician, journalist and activist will also be adding on a show that helps raise awareness to what’s going on around the world. The radio station is expected to launch sometime this month!

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