Prince Vega: The Government Used Ebola To Get Troops Into West Africa Because Boko Haram Failed

Nigeria EbolaPrince Vega is not pleased with what he’s seeing over the internet and like always he’s speaking out publicly about it. The Hip Hop artist is starting to feel the pressure of his instincts kick in and the signals are not good. Recently the music artist accused the US government and its allies of funding the terrorist organization ISIS to start war with Syria:

“I’m not buying anything the government says about ISIL,” he said. “I’m willing to bet ISIL is a fabricated enemy that’s funded by the US and its allies. The government continues to drive fear under a delusional engine that carries our thoughts into believing we want what they think is best. How can you not be tired of these people? They keep doing this over and over again.”

Now Prince Vega’s is expanding his focus on the Ebola crisis that is beginning to put fear back into the hearts and minds of the American people. Prince Vega feels the US government have successfully created a fear mongering campaign that only caters to the secret agenda that’s hidden in the shadows. Internet Hollywood recently caught up with the Internet Hollywood founder to get his thoughts on the growing Ebola crisis that has swept the nation off it’s feet:

“The mainstream media is becoming so predictable to the point it’s almost impossible not to see what kind of reaction they’re trying to get out of you,” he said. “Why are people scared if you know the government wants you to be? We are all grownups, not children. We don’t need daddy to search the closet for a boogey man that doesn’t even exist. The whole thing to me is just a story.”

Prince Vega also elaborated on what he believed the whole Ebola crisis is about, adding that he felt it was all manufactured:

“I’m willing to bet the Ebola crisis was manufactured by the same organization that secretly started the aids epidemic in Africa,” he said. “The United States and its allies is trying to suck Africa out of its natural resources to control the entire world. The U.S. just used a whole different tactic to get troops into West Africa because the Boko Haram route failed. You have to be an idiot not to see the purpose behind the mainstream media using Ebola to fear monger. You have to always remember there is an agenda put in place that they are desperate to achieve because it puts them in full control of the entire world! Why the hell do people keep falling for this s***?”

Prince Vega is very known music artist that is highly respected in the world of activism. He never backs down from sharing how he feel regardless of how controversial his views may be. Click the link below to follow Prince Vega on Facebook!

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