Prince Vega: “The Media Is Using ISIS To Scare Americans Into Backing A War With Syria”

Prince Vega has been keeping really silent when it comes to politics nowadays, but he is finally expressing himself on the ISIS situation. The music artist is starting to see things from a different point of view when it comes to the media version of the ISIS incident. Late last year Prince Vega slammed the media for using ISIS to fear monger:

“I’m not buying anything the government says about ISIL,” he said. “I’m willing to bet ISIL is a fabricated enemy that’s funded by the US and its allies. The government continues to drive fear under a delusional engine that carries our thoughts into believing we want what they think is best.”

Prince Vega never hesitated to share his thoughts when it comes down to controversial topics. We were lucky enough to get a few words out of the Internet Hollywood founder who has been extremely busy with organizing things and settling his personal life. The growing entrepreneur didn’t mind sharing to our reporters that he felt the mainstream media was doing what it does best–fear-monger.

“I’m not surprised honestly,” he admitted. “I always felt western leaders had it in for Syria for quite sometime now. We live in a time where we are forced into the rule of western laws or we are punished to the full extent. Everyone should know by now that the media is used to control the minds of the people. I honestly feel the whole ISIS thing is used to start a ground war with Syria.”

Prince Vega is currently working on launching his own film production company.

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