Prince Vega to choose models for his music video after the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party on August 19th

Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega says he’s in the process of selecting what models he would like to be in his first music video and will publicly reveal some of the names in August. The Hip Hop artist is scheduled to perform at the event and is even releasing his new mixtape on that day as well. The mixtape will consist of 12-15 songs and will have little to no music features on it. As explain in a previous article, his reason for keeping his features with other artists to a minimum is to keep the public focused on his music talent since many people forgot he did music first.


Prince Vega will also be shooting music videos for a few of the singles from the new mixtape. After revealing that he will be releasing the mixtape on the same day of the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party, he explained how he’s also in the process of selecting models he feels deserves to be put in the music video.


“The process in planning the music video has been moving at the rate I expected,” he said. “A lot of work has to be done and it becomes very time consuming because it’s all independent. But I’m currently at the stage where I’m monitoring the work ethic of upcoming models to see which ones I would like in the music video. I was going to start selecting this month but it makes more sense to do it after the next party.”


Prince Vega has not given out any details on what kind of music video he plans on doing. He has admitted that he has selected a few models from his last event and will be selecting the rest after his next one in August. He recently selected Connecticut model Ashley Nicole to be one of the reporters for the next Internet Hollywood party. He will be selecting a second one very soon.


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