Prince Vega To Offer Model Lonnie Alex A Movie Deal With Internet Hollywood Next Year?

lonnie new 7Prince Vega – Model Lonnie Alex is getting so popular in Internet Hollywood that there is being talks of offering the model a gig when Internet Hollywood films launch in the year 2017. Alex is the only model that’s headlining as much as our top models even though she’s too new to rank on our Top Model billboard charts. Over the past year since her debut she has made front page news 9 times, beating 90% of all newer models that debuted around the time she has. She is one of our most promising figures that will lead nominations in several categories when Internet Hollywood Awards approaches late next year.

It remains a very large deal that Alex’s journey has lead her to nine headlines. When the 30th of this month comes so will the end of her first year as a successful celebrity in our universe. We’ve witnessed this blossoming star grow by the week and make the best out of her career whenever she took on the challenge. Her learning experience is making her decision as a model beneficial because she’s focused. That is most likely a huge reason she is being considered for a role in a future Internet Hollywood film series.

We are holding our tongues on the details following the idea of the new project Prince Vega’s working on. Although his schedule remains busy, he’s publicly stated that he’s working on a script for an American family drama television series. Lonnie has quickly built a very healthy reputation with our representatives. Our second floor private committee has already predicted that she will make her official Top Model billboard debut in November. The amazing photo of Lonnie Alex was took by Creative Visions by Michael.

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