Prince Vega to release his new mixtape at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party on August 19th

Prince Vega – Internet Hollywood founder and Hip Hop artist Prince Vega has been working on some new music and is planning on releasing his first mix-tape at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party. The new mixtape titled ‘Internet Hollywood Radio Pt. 1’ will include between 12-14 songs and will have a very little amount of features. His reason for keeping his features with other artists to a minimum is to keep the public focused on his music talent since many people forgot he did music first.


“The transitional period from music into independent journalism stalled my music career because news was in high demand,” he said. “So many people needed help and I wanted to support it. It irritated my fans who was there at the beginning stages of my career because they fell in love with the music side of Prince Vega and cared less about the journalism side.”

Prince Vega says he understands why many people would feel the way they felt. He explained how some people don’t like processing things they don’t relate to because it doesn’t reflect their everyday life.


“I didn’t expect my music to be put on hold as long as it was,” he said. “Managing news on a daily basis very time consuming. And since I don’t randomly put things out and calculate it, almost any time at that moment wouldn’t of felt like the right time. But the right time will always present itself to you. I kinda feel like that time is now.”


he continued:

“One of my top priorities at this point is to reprove I’m very good at music also. People tend to hide their pain and parade around things that they want, so processing things they can’t see themselves doing could be challenging. But when something is undeniably good can’t nothing stop it. It doesn’t matter what it is. That’s just how the world is. I’m pretty positive I’ll prove that.”


Prince Vega will also be releasing his first single ‘Born Again’ sometime this month. He didn’t give a date on when he will actually be doing it but he said he’ll let everyone know ahead of time. He will also be performing at the next Internet Hollywood party on August 19th.


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