Producer Yung Los Announces New Track Coming Soon With California Rapper Cthree

yung los

Minus the delay in picking up on this exclusive news our sources picked up; Yung Los is teaming up with rapper Cthree to release some brand new music for our universe to hear. The developing news came to the light after speculation of a possible response by S.O.S after Cthree fired direct shots at the rap group on Facebook. The hype building around the news fueled the energy that made Yung Los enthusiastic about working with rapper Cthree. Yung Los is currently the most headlining producer inside of our universe. We only know very little about the news developing about the upcoming collaborations with the two unique artists, and we hope to hear the new track that both musicians are planning on working on soon. Yung Los just recently released an amazing mix-tape called ‘The Prequel’ and it is now available for everyone on

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