Producer Yung Los Destoys Everything In Sight; Releases Powerful New ‘Beats’ Mix-Tape

yung los 1

Yung Los has officially released a monster instrumental mix-tape that is currently available for download for rappers all over the world. The upcoming Tennessee ‘chainsaw’ is piercing his blades all through our universe with powerful new bangers that’ll emotionally shift your moods by the track. Yung Los has repeatedly earned his stay by firing his way through our galaxy with massive beats that releases flames that continues to burn to this very day. The reaction that happens when passing the bass sounding off will force any lyrical artist to nod their head as soon as they press play. Though Los remains ‘Yung’ his beats will grow on you quicker than you know and there is no denying that fact. The digital mix-tape has already streamed over 50 times with over 2,000 views and 43 downloads since its release! The Prequel keeps the name alive that creates the line stretching across the mix-tape. Yung Los is clearly letting the beats talk and all that’s left is for everyone’s ears to open up and listen. The sounds of the instruments Yung Los uses to ring off the alarms in our minds is clearly giving us signs that what we are hearing isn’t just a beat. His dedication to thrive for the music he loves proves that its his life! You have no other choice but to respect all the hard work he has put into making music because still till this day many does not. We are welcoming Yung Los back to our headlines and we wish him the best of luck in our universe in the future!


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