ProjectXPlatinum: 18-Year-Old Model Emmaleigh Angelina Brings Out The Cheetah Swimsuit

Arguably Emmaleigh has everything it takes to challenge any existing model walking across hills in a physical body. The beautiful freelance modeling sensation kept her claws to herself during her latest shoot with her cheetah swimsuit on! The 18-year-old animal loving piano player was born in a small town in Central New Jersey called East Windsor! Pretty cool right? Here’s something cooler! Emmaleigh is a student that is interested in going to school for pre-medicine, then medical school to become a doctor! Try that on for size Dr. Dolittle!

Ignore the picture dude, seriously. Emmaleigh will be graduating from high school this year than will be moving on to something bigger. (tears) What more could we expect? Try an enormous fan base that’s making its way to 6 thousand! The young and motivated sweet teen has been seen in numerous photos giving her all in her recent photo shoot by Ira Idelson! I could easily sugarcoat and say the pictures are good but why? The pictures are actually good! I’m not saying the ones before were bad. I’m just saying …wow, am I the only person still looking at the Eddie Murphy picture above? R.I.P the crocodile hunter! Don’t let my randomness get to you. We all have our days. Anyway, Emmaleigh is also one of the latest recruits to ProjectXPlatinum that will definitely make a strong impact on our charts this summer. Check out some of the awesome pictures from her photo shoot below!!




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