ProjectXPlatinum Billboard Charts: Model Tina Louise Ranked #1 ProjectXPlatinum Model

TINA EDIT NEWModel Tina Louise will have a lot to take in after reading the headlines on our Internet Hollywood front page. The alternative modeling sweetheart is starting to build a name for herself while overcoming the struggles that may put her in doubt of continuing a modeling career. The pressure isn’t enough to hold down this strong survivor that is now finding her mark in the top ranks after only a few short months. Tina’s hard work is now being noticed by members of our committee but two strong voices has recommended that Tina be placed #1 on ProjectXPlatinum’s billboard charts for the month of December. The greatest challenge for Tina was said to be the international face off against hundreds of models on the Internet Hollywood charts but this proves that to be nothing more than a theory. Tina’s beautiful mind is widely cherished by those that shares the positive vision she sees in others. Today she sits above the others as a positive role model that now holds the crown as the #1 model in ProjectXPlatinum for the month of November. Many would question what influenced the decision to make Tina the face of ProjectXPlatinum for November when she’s one of the latest recruits to the powerful organization. The truth remains in the sentence above that describes Tina as a more “conscious” person that’s incredibly sweet. Her vision involves making the best for women all over the world that struggles to make the best out of an uncomfortable situation. She remains a strong leader with a powerful heart and for that reason she is being crowned the #1 ProjectXPlatinum Model for the month of December!

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Photography: Marco OchoQuatro
MUA: Lesli Patrock and Priceless The Nicest

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