ProjectXPlatinum ‘Cover Girl’ Contestant Breanna Comes Over 200 Votes Strong In Contest

breanna editBreanna is making a strong impact in our ‘cover girl’ contest after recent updates show the model has pulled in over 230 votes since entering in October 20th. The model is one of the very few quickly earning her name in our universe for the amazing effort she puts into racking votes in the contest. We do understand it takes a lot for a model to directly message people to get their attention enough to vote for them in competitive contests like this one. Breanna has proven she’s more than prepared for the journey that lies beyond the doors that blocks her from the next steps in her career. Her strength in gaining the confidence to enter our contest makes her braver than anyone could imagine when competing against powerful models like Tygeria and Isabel Vinson. What followed Breanna’s impressive results was comments by fans that expressed their feelings towards Breanna’s beauty in the contest on the ProjectXPlatinum fan page. The model may be far away from placing first in the contest but she remains the first model to debut in Internet Hollywood as a celebrity this weekend! The amazing photo of Breanna was took by the amazing ASegway Photography. The amazing teamwork  done by these two amazingly talented individuals created such a unique masterpiece for all of our eyes to enjoy!

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