ProjectXPlatinum ‘Cover Girl’ Contestant Jessica Jean Enters Internet Hollywood

jesica editThe sweet eyes of this glowing star is rising in our universe after generating over 236 votes inside the ProjectXPlatinum cover girl contest! The growing excitement that’s lighting up our universe is now publicly showing in each update following the epic battle between our amazing models. Jessica continues to gain steam as she proceeds to dominate those that it sit below her in her quest to achieve what many could only dream. No one can deny what shines inside of her glowing eyes when finding the perfect pose before it’s captured on camera. Jessica’s way of delivering her work breaks the barrier that hides the judgment from both sides of the industry. Regardless of what Jessica’s position may turn out to be at the ending of the contest, she’ll continue to find a way to make the best out of becoming what she truly loves. Her talent captures the glory that comes with hope and determination on levels many fail to reach. The art she creates in the work she performs in front of cameras deserves every amount of credit there is to give. We could only admire the bravery that comes with Jessica’s decisions in participating with a contest where the competitors are stiff. We welcome Jessica Jean to our Internet Hollywood universe as our newest Internet Hollywood celebrity. The amazing photo took of Jessica Jean on the side was done by an amazing photographer by the name of Peter Fidalgo.



Peter Fildago Photography

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