ProjectXPlatinum ‘Cover Girl’ Contestant Paige Turner Heats Up Internet Hollywood – VOTE NOW!

paige 2Model Paige Turner is certainly buzzing in our headlines after news grew out of the ProjectXPlatinum cover girl contest about the number of votes she’s been receiving. After debuting in the contest for a little over two weeks she has already pulled in over 150 votes and 21 shares. The level of support for Paige continued to grow as her followers showed their support by commenting under the uploaded photo she submitted for the contest. The energy building under the work Paige puts in is quickly making her become one the front runners in ProjectXPlatinum’s first contest. Her incredible poses that creates the power inside each photo is now being embraced by our Internet Hollywood universe. The growing star isn’t far from locking horns with Jessica Jean, who currently has over 180 votes! Regardless of who turns out victorious nobody can deny the strong confidence that made everyone of these brave models participate in our contest. It takes a lot for models to stand their ground strongly and push themselves without being mentally frustrated due to fear. Paige is one of the very few that continues to fight fear with her bravery. She continues to not let the pressure dictate her career and that is what’s making her successful in this contest! The amazing photo captured of this beautiful model was done by the help of an amazing photographer by the name of Tony Wyld! We are currently looking for the Tony Wyld Photography fan page, so if anyone finds it please send the link to!

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