ProjectXPlatinum Cover Girl Contestant Pepper BadBrew Debuts In Internet Hollywood

pepper 2The rising beauties that creates the best out of moments that will last forever are once again upon us my friends. Females all over the world are entering the contest launched by one of the most active freelance modeling movements in the digital age – ProjectXPlatinum. Among many of the females debuting in the contest is an adorable model by the name of Pepper BadBrew. Although Pepper’s following may not be as big as some of the other contestants she posses all that it takes to become more than just a model dazzling across the cover of a front page magazine. The way Pepper brings out the art in her poses helps bring the imagination to our very own reality. She continues to provide strong content for the world to soak in and embrace without doubting her hard work. Pepper easily pulled in a total of 25 votes/likes on the ProjectXPlatinum contest page without a struggle. We can clearly see as Pepper continues to headline she will end up receiving a whole lot more!

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