ProjectXPlatinum First Magazine Issue Revealed – Tygeria Blossoms All Over Internet Hollywood

PROJECTXPLATINUMModel Tygeria carries a strong presence whenever her name is mentioned inside of Internet Hollywood. Her name remains powerful throughout the Internet and no amount of hate could bring that down. The flame will even be greater now that a photo rumored to be Internet Hollywood’s first ProjectXPlatinum magazine issue has now surfaced the net. We’ve easily gained access to the photo after a iHollywood representative passed it on to one of our “nosy” journalist earlier this morning. The photo of the dazzling sweetheart shows her face pressed between a bundle of wonderful flowers that makes our Tygeria even more adorable. Tygeria easily worked her way through a battle in a ProjectXPlatinum “Cover Girl” contest that was put together by ProjectXPlatinum’s beautiful co-founder Isabel Vinson. In the highly publicized contest Tygeria pulled in a total of 1,095 votes and won a 4-page spread alongside the front cover of ProjectXPlatinum’s first issue. The magazine is currently under the works and should be released by the 18th of this month. Congratulations again to Tygeria for her incredible work!

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