ProjectXPlatinum: Model Amandy Ranger Is Heading To Cancun!

Comparing this model to other females is clashing tsunamis across the hidden storm in the middle of the Atlantic. Though very few eyes may see the enormous smack between the furious waves of energy, everyone will definitely feel it! Amandy Ranger has bit into the modeling underground with a passion unlike any other freelance model I’ve came across. Her reach reminds me of times I fought through the struggle to overcome the odds like she manages to do every time she tries. Amandy has lifted herself from the boiling point of pressure and captured the attention of thousands through the social media world. The success of her work comes with battles against the standing competition that includes millions of beautiful models all over the world that wants the same thing! I wonder if I’m right? I can only remind myself of what I’ve seen before its actually known personally. I could place my bets to believe  Amandy wants more than that. The beauty of the blonds already found success through numerous outlets like Modelzview, Glammodelz, Bandini Pin Up, Tunerz Kandi, Bikini Magazine, Sunshine Girl, Sunshine Girl Calendar 2014, Indy Grid Girl and Emerald Lifestyle Magazine. The known Visual Candy’s model has earned her spot under the lights that shine down on the greatest and nobody can reject that strong fact. Amandy is geared up with bags and will soon have her way once she enters Cancun. The model tipped us off on the upcoming Bikini Model Search contest with excitement coming on Thursday, May 1, 2014. She’s also known for her role as a Vyzion Radio Elite Model.

More Information On The Contest: Click Here

Amandy is described to be an open minded model with a down to earth personality that couldn’t be any sweeter for those she care for. Amandy is also one of the latest recruits to the ProjectXPlatinum family, and clearly the view of her future there from here is looking better than ever! I can truly say I’m grateful to have an amazing new friend like Amandy in my life and without a doubt we will always support her here at Amandy has won the backing of some very great sponsors that includes Cexce Bikinis, SNS Biknis and Wet Peach Swimwear.





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