ProjectXPlatinum: Model Caitlyn Christensen Sets Internet Hollywood On Fire; Vote Now!

Known Visual Candy’s model Caitlyn has been carrying the torch across the internet realm to light up her career and so far it’s been working. The modeling sweetheart lit up the notifications following the support of her contests with the Grand Events Utah for their upcoming Vapor Fest 2014 event coming June 21st. The power behind Caitlyn’s request triggered a storm of “x’s” through Facebook by strong supporters that proved they’ll be there whenever the beautiful Caitlyn needs them. The young popular internet sensation may be falling short in the race against model Tehmeena Afzal on College Dose by 1,924 votes, but still her influential level guarantees her victory in numerous contests to come in the future. Caitlyn has been keeping all her 280 thousands fans happy with her latest news, photos and incredibly hot selfies! Who could complain? The innocent look of this College student could draw the hearts of millions into her realm of paradise by social media networking sites alone! The truth is revealed through each status that immediately racks thousands of likes with hundreds of comments by supporters that truly admire the smile growing across her beautiful cheeks in every photo she takes. Caitlyn has provided nothing but skill to her modeling and talent and everyone should definitely support her for it.  The College Dose contest is still currently underway, so we ask that everyone please show their support and vote for the beautiful Caitlyn by clicking “VOTE HERE” below. Caitlyn was recruited to ProjectXPlatinum by Prince Vega after a friend forwarded her page to him to check her modeling work out!



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