ProjectXPlatinum Model Desiree Ducati Keeps It Sexy With Raven Macabre In New Photo Shoot

desireeDesiree Ducati is a hottie giving her all in a new photo shoot with Internet Hollywood superstar Raven Macabre. The editing king is bringing new material to the plate with a model that has a lot to give to her fans. She recently updated her Facebook fan page with a stunning new black and white photo that’s heating up the social media world. The tatted up superstar is seen resting her knees across a checkered board floor looking absolutely gorgeous–with her swinging long hair! The amazing art found in Raven’s unique vision is now a physical masterpiece that’s being recognized all over the world. He continues to amaze our reporters with incredible features that continues to take Internet Hollywood by storm. Desiree’s debut marks a new beginning that’s securing the perfect journey to the top–where she belongs. Her potential exceeds the expectations many believe would be enough to break into the modeling industry. Desiree’s lane is protected by her own craft that can’t be duplicated by any other established model. Even though today is her official debut in Internet Hollywood, she has always been a familiar face to our reporters. Desiree was brought to our attention through ProjectXPlatinum’s co-founder Isabel Marie Vinson. Her natural abilities proves how much of a gift her modeling skills really are. It’s hard to come by a model that opens our minds enough to imagine ourselves being apart of the fantasy she sells in incredible shoots like this one. A huge amount of credit has to be given to Raven and Desiree for this incredible collaboration. We welcome out beautiful Desiree to our Internet Hollywood universe with open arms!

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