ProjectXPlatinum Model Haylan Victoria Returns To Internet Hollywood Stronger Than Ever

haylan newInternet Hollywood celerity Haylan Victoria is more than a dressed up doll face cutie dangling off a pair of strings in the dark. She’s also one of the original members to our powerful freelance modeling movement ProjectXPlatinum. Haylan’s return to our universe gives birth to a brand new beginning for all original members apart of ProjectXPlatinum. The young modeling sweetheart recently released dozens of photos from shoots involving Raven Macabre and VMN Photography! One of the latest photos also captures her with the adorable ProjectXPlatinum founder Isabel Vinson sizzling up under her neck in a romantic way. I will share the picture in the near future for all our curious readers. Haylan’s adorable face is made for what makes superstars in the world of modeling. Her strong personality creates the cake that makes the taste of her style in modeling so good. Her power as a woman is as solid as the stone granite holding the Egyptian floors in the ancient mastaba’s. Her heart makes wanting the dream she works so hard to achieve possible. The nature in being who she is makes being a model even more exciting to watch in Internet Hollywood. A world without her beautiful smile is unimaginable to everyone that embraces the affectionate person our Haylan is. She’s truly gifted with an amazing way of expressing herself through modeling in incredible photo shoots with talented photographers like VMN and Raven Macabre. Her passion passes many and that simply puts her in a lane uncrossed by many models to this very day. Haylan will also be included in Internet Hollywood’s next magazine that’s due to come out in the month of February. We are truly grateful to see our Haylan participate in what she loves doing! She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my years in writing! She deserves every bit of success that comes out of her life! The incredible photo of Haylan above was done by the amazing photographer Raven Macabre!

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