ProjectXPlatinum Model Iwona Tiger Takes It To Florida For Spring Break Vacation

iwona edit 2If your looking to spend anytime with the beautiful Iwona your not going to find her in the Northeast. The adorable ProjectXPlatinum superstar updated her Facebook status with a picture of bikini bottom babes handcuffed to a police car, adding “2 more days and me and my chickas are back in FL for spring brake again.” We could only imagine how deep under the skin this digs when it comes to people wanting to get out of the freezing northeast. Week after week it seems as if the northeast is getting pounded by freezing temperatures and a huge amount of snow. Although the cry seems to be high with northeasterners wanting warm temperatures, Iwona is taking matters into her travel bag and is leaving the state. It’s not clear when the model will be returning at the moment, but we’re hoping she has an amazing time away from home. The 28-year-old Internet Hollywood superstar is expected to make her debut in Internet Hollywood’s second magazine issue coming out later this month! We hope you have the time of your life on your vacation Iwona!!!

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