ProjectXPlatinum Model Jessica X Starts Off Her Career As A Photographer

Jessica photo

The world of Internet Hollywood have now been awakened to the growing sounds of flickering cameras.  The exciting news following Jessica Xagoraris career is something many people would be proud of. The ProjectXPlatinum model brought it to the attention of one our reporters that she will now be pursuing her career as a photographer as-well! The news was not much of a shocker, knowing Jessica normally did the editing on most of her pictures in the past, it will only make more sense that she tries something new. Jessica passion to dig deeper within herself is the reason she continues to find more ways to headline in our international community. Jessica was nick named the ‘gambler’ by our second floor private committee after she used smart tactics to quickly gain exposure in Internet Hollywood. Her latest shoots involves beautiful upcoming models Tatiana, Emily and Shawna. It’s too early to speak on the background of the relationship that was developed between these models, but we could only hope it remains positive. A reporter described Jessica’s attitude towards working on the new projects as being ‘wondrous’ towards the idea of starting a new venture. The beautiful picture above show’s off the adorable smile on Tatiana Galliher precious face. Tatiana is also a model in the Vermont region that hopes to fulfill her dreams by reaching stardom. We were hoping to share the photo collection of Jessica’s work in this article but sadly adding multiple images distorts the entire article. I know, it sucks. Internet Hollywood looks forward to seeing more on these amazing models and we are hoping Jessica continues to send us more amazing shots!


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