ProjectXPlatinum Model Jessy Erinn #Selfies Up After Returning From The Niagara Falls

jessy erinn

Model Jessy Erinn recently took a selfie moment to alert fans on her return home after a relaxing weekend in the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario! The beautiful model was welcomed with over 900 likes, 22 shares and nearly 70 comments after showing off her adorable face on her new fan page! The growing popularity of this adorable Canadian princess has rocketed across Facebook with over 254,710 likes!


I mean…you try getting published in BIZSU, Southern Vixen, Modelzview and Cover Girl before making any judgment towards what this hardworking little Playboy bunny have done. I’m not trying to sound mean. I just don’t think its fair to spread any negativity about Jessy when clearly she’s worked her for all she’s accomplished. The December Cyber girl of the month for Playboy Mexico wasted no time to update a second selfie hours later before posting another photo, asking fans to vote for her in a Lipstick Lingerie contest! Jessy Erinn is a known Visual Candy’s model that was recruited to ProjectXPlatinum by Prince Vega just a few days before launching Internet Hollywood!




selfie 1selfie 2


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