ProjectXPlatinum Model Jill Forrestall To Land In Internet Hollywood’s Next Magazine Issue

jillModel Jill Forrestall is far from the bottom when it comes to Internet Hollywood’s leading figures like Viola Verity, Isabel Vinson, Tygeria and Jessy Erinn. The modeling Vermont queen is living the dream inside our world and her time to shine is finally coming in Internet Hollywood’s next magazine issue. Why so serious? Jill’s silence is now being recognized because of her impressive modeling abilities that is skillfully managed with passion in each pose she strikes for a photo. Nobody can deny the art that Jill paints in every picture when teaming with amazing photographers like Peter Fidalgo. It’s clear that the world’s eyes will soon open to the rays beaming from the heat coming from Jill’s modeling career. Her solid effort in fighting through the struggle to gain recognition will soon be found with the power within to guide her. Jill remains an incredible woman with a sweet personality that will open the hearts of many all over the world. All it takes is for the world to listen to the message Jill delivers in her work to understand where her heart is. She’s a living masterpiece living the miracle we call life, in a form of a beautiful woman that deserves everything this world has to offer. Her maturity is easily recognized whenever someone finds themselves in a conversation with her. We appreciate how amazingly strong this adorable woman is and we look forward to seeing her in Internet Hollywood’s next magazine issue coming out next month! The amazing photo on the side was done by Peter Fidalgo Photography.

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