ProjectXPlatinum Model Kiti Gunn Takes A Selfie – Joins Mooi Model Management

kiti 1Internet Hollywood celebrity Kiti Gunn is one of many models finding a new management home at Isabel’s new Mooi Model Management. The beautiful ProjectXPlatinum superstar is far from an amateur when it comes to our universe and she has proven that time after time again. The model made her presence known after she ranked in 7th place on Internet Hollywood’s top ten billboard charts back in June, 2014. She is one of the original ProjectXPlatinum members that was recruited by ProjectXPlatinum co-founder Isabel Vinson earlier last year. Kiti Gunn is also a leading headliner when it comes to selfie updates! She continues to show off how incredibly gorgeous she looks with dozens of pictures fresh from the camera she takes herself. This week the model has already updated her social media Facebook page with two selfies and she still looks stunning! Kiti Gunn is the only model from ProjectXPlatinum that has been interviewed from a reporter inside of our universe. We could only sit and applaud the amazing news that involves Isabel with Mooi Model Management. Isabel is a known name that continues to gain a strong following by beating the odds physically and digitally. It’s becoming nearly impossible to stroll across a Facebook page and not receive an update from Isabel Vinson. You could expect to see our Kiti Gunn in Internet Hollywood’s 3rd magazine issue coming out in late March!


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