ProjectXPlatinum Model Luisa Goncalves Helped Prince Vega Through A Devastating Heartbreak

gorgeous luisaMany people are unaware that Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega recently went through a terrible breakup after being betrayed by a woman he’s been helping for years. The blow was so devastating it nearly ended his expanding career on all scales. One of the reasons why that didn’t happen is because of an adorable ProjectXPlatinum model by the name of Luisa Goncalves. Luisa is said to have been there for Prince Vega from the very beginning of his emotional changes following the breakup and played a huge part in helping him through it. After receiving confirmation we felt it would only be right to let the world know how truly amazing this young gifted model is. Luisa first made her debut in Internet Hollywood in November 27th, 2014. Even previous articles stated Luisa’s positive attitude will influence thousands to follow in the footsteps she leaves behind, and this is an example that proves our statements are accurate. Luisa’s heartwarming advice that pumped whatever life was left in the  light powering down in Prince Vega’s prime is one of the biggest reasons he’s focusing a lot better than before. We’ve heard how down to earth and incredibly sweet Luisa was in short conversations with the founder before, but this is bigger. Luisa is one of the very few people that can take full credit in keeping Internet Hollywood up and running now. It is incredibly hard to find remarkable people in the world that’s as real as Luisa. Luisa is a magical piece of art engraved in the heart of our universe that will beat her beautiful name for as-long as she lives. Thank you for being an amazing person!

Photograph by Joe Harary Photography

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