ProjectXPlatinum: Model Nona Barca Beyond Beautiful In Her New Facebook Picture

The beautiful scene of a queen that sees through her adorable brown eyes is now making her debut through the Internet Hollywood headlines after updating a new profile picture of her looking absolutely stunning. The ProjectXPlatinum model is slowy making her presence known through our headlining community after being recruited to the original roster of headlining models from the earlier months following the launch of the freelance organization in January. Nona has kept herself in the faces of all readers through Facebook modeling groups to greater her range when firing away at her goals. The accuracy she carries in hitting the areas she need to make a strong impact is definitely starting to make progress. The dazzling new comer to our community is no stranger to the freelance modeling world. When she joined ProjectXPlatinum it was known to us that she’s been modeling years before now. Nona has done an excellent job at keeping herself away from drama that may follow the road she chooses to go down knowing her dream is not far ahead. Prince Vega described  Nona to be a very “settled” one with a heart for what she believes in. He also said she was excited to support the freelance movement him and Isabel Vinson created and stated once she heard of the idea she was willing to be apart of it if they wanted her. Who wouldn’t want her? Nona Barca has an increasing level of respect for all she has done to represent the modeling movement that has finally brought her through the headlines. We are grateful to have this beautiful angel and we will always support her!

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