ProjectXPlatinum Model Norah Watson Makes Powerful Debut In Internet Hollywood – WINNING!

norah amazingProjectXPlatinum model Norah Watson is not just a rising star that found her way into our galaxy. This spectacular light in the sky is the reason why many female readers will look up to a lot of celebrities in Internet Hollywood. I could go on and on about how amazingly attractive this beautiful soul is inside and out. Norah could possibly be one of the sweetest and down to earth models many fans will ever come across. Many people would over stretch the words they feel would be perfect to describe people they think is truly remarkable. I’ll admit I even did it a couple times as-well. I personally look at the inner features of a person based on their personality alone. I couldn’t help but want to dig deeper into who Norah Watson really is; I didn’t even have to ask! Norah sent me a message “out of the blue” than a conversation ensued longer than I anticipated. Norah immediately struck me as a person down to life and opened to try new things carefully. Her way of expressing how she felt made me comfortable around her very fast. The upcoming Internet Hollywood superstar isn’t far from accomplishing what many people would consider a dream. Her attitude is a stone that will provide a step for many to climb when finding a solution to their social problems. Her mind is the power behind her adorable smile and that’s exactly what the world needs in a celebrity, especially in Internet Hollywood. Norah is easily making waves enough to travel in the path our amazing Isabel Vinson and Viola Verity is in. If she continues to provide the same attitude to her amazing modeling nobody will ever be able to stop her from whatever it is she wants. I’m super happy to call Norah Watson an Internet Hollywood celebrity!  I also know my grammar isn’t as good today so bare with me. The last thing I need is a grammar nerd pointing out the crack of my bedroom door telling me to retract the guy monkey

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