ProjectXPlatinum Model Rebel Rose Absolutely Stunning At The CURE Lounge In Boston, MA

Our beautiful little rebel has been spotted fighting off the competition this pass weekend at the Cure Lounge looking absolutely dazzling! Rose was dressed to impress by one of the best – Mulan D. The beautiful 20-year-old modeling sweetheart unleashed her sexy side inside of the lounge and photographers Steve Owen, KevCool and Andrea lynne was able to catch it all! Our Rebel Rose was all legs with her tilted head leaning back while kicking the sky, with her resting hand sitting behind looking tasty as ever. Nobody can deny the fact that Andrea’s magical vision captured through her lenses brought life into this imagination worth dreaming of. The stunning beauty of Rebel Rose could not be denied with KevCool’s added taste in art that smoothed out the feeling with the relaxing blue that filled Rose’s background. I’m not saying he created the wall (lol). What I’m saying is, the “atmosphere” of this photo wouldn’t of turned out the way it did without KevCool’s secret ingredient that I’ve been trying to figure out since I discovered his page. We also can’t forget to add in the amazing work done by one of the newest ProjectXPlatinum Models Rebel Rose!

Andrea Lynne Photography



andrea hot


KevCool Photography

kevcool work




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