ProjectXPlatinum: Model Tammy Lynette Warms It Up In New Photo Shoot

Model Tammy Lynette is all flesh in her new modeling photos she shared with her followers recently across Facebook. The beautiful blond disrobed until every little piece of her clothing was gone and all that was left was the flash of a photographers camera. The stunning beauty was captured through the eyes of Troy Pierce inside of Doug Kean Shotz studio in Chantilly, Virginia. The second photo released to the photo displays an erotic shot of Tammy lower body arching from the ground while holding panties from the tip of her toes. The photos is perfectly shot and isn’t as revealing as it may sound to some with perverted issues. (lol)  Tammy is a known sweetheart with a passion for modeling her way through the alternative world, until her bets are placed in the big leagues with modeling professionals. One could not doubt that Tammy has found her way through the gateways that open doors where opportunities are at her feet. Her prints are seen through the day as she approaches new stages with exciting news to share to her fans while on her modeling journey. The down south Carolina born freelance model is slowly closing the gap between her dreams and reality, and is making her name known throughout the internet world of modeling. Tammy Lynette is a Visual Candy’s model that was recruited to ProjectXPlatinum by Prince Vega a few days leading up to the official launch of!




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