ProjectXPlatinum Model Viola Verity Strength As A Woman Deserves More Recognition

viola2Model Viola Verity is seriously one of the most important female figures inside of ProjectXPlatinum that deserves more recognition. Her influential power as a woman would grow tremendously if only more people were made aware of how hard she fights through the pressure of being a model in the alternative world. Viola has made the public aware of the battles that has taken place and she continues to take extreme measures to protect herself even when times were very hard. Many models would learn from Viola’s experience if they see between the pointless statuses crowding their news feeds and pay attention. Viola’s life as a model is a story worth telling woman all over the world that has no clue what it’s like to deal with troubling times as a woman pursuing her dreams. She greatly details the problem of certain situations that involves jerks that does not deserve to work with beautiful models like herself. Viola is incredibly sweet with a heart that she shares with everyone and she deserves the same in return. She played a major role in helping ProjectXPlatinum expand to a powerful freelance organization that welcomes dozens of models all over the world inside it. She was ranked the 4th biggest Internet Hollywood model in Internet Hollywood back in June, 2014. She is the only model that possess the credibility in Internet Hollywood that’s almost as strong as Isabel Vinson’s. Viola and Isabel is by far the most powerful female models to come out of ProjectXPlatinum and have been the two leading figures of the organization since the VERY BEGINNING. Nobody could ever take their place after all the amazing things they both have done for ProjectXPlatinum and Internet Hollywood. We owe her and Isabel everything. Look forward to seeing Viola Verity in Internet Hollywood’s next magazine issue in February! The stunning photo of Viola above was done by an amazing photographer by the name of Ravan Macabre! Raven is heavily respected by models all over and Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega.



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