ProjectXPlatinum Models Isabel Vinson & Norah Watson Shuts Down Body Bass In Worcester, MA

isabel and norah edit

ProjectXPlatinum Models Isabel Vinson, Haylan Victoria & Norah Watson were some of the many models that attended the explosive event this weekend on 268 Pleasant street at The Raven Worcester.  The excitement building throughout the event featured incredible bass music from Stegga, DJ Pantsauf, DJ Dissonance and Wëj̲ëY. Photographers prepared their gears to share their art with the stunning beauties as they appeared looking more dazzling than ever in their photoshoots. Dozens of captured images of the event was seen storming through the pages across the world wide web before and after the event. Prince Vega was also directly messaged with dozens of amazing photos to share with all of the readers in our universe. The photos included powerful Internet Hollywood celebrity Isabel Vinson and the absolutely gorgeous upcoming ProjectXPlatinum sweetheart Norah Watson.  Greg Mackay was one of the few awesome photographers that was there to captured all the action through their flashing cameras! The amazing photo above of our loves is a piece of art done by the helping hands of photographer Patrick Hood. Isabel Vinson continues to be one of the leading figures in Internet Hollywood. The alternative model is currently ranked the #2 most headlining model in Internet Hollywood for her amazing work leading up to the month of August! We hope to see the gorgeous face of our Norah headlining along with the other amazing headliners on Internet Hollywood in the future!

Photos By Greg Mackay

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