ProjectXPlatinum Superstar/Model Carrie Madeline Launches New Website – Check It Out!!

carrie 6ProjectXPlatinum model Carrie Madeline is taking her name to a whole new level–with her own website! The Internet Hollywood superstar recently tipped off one of our reporters on the new website that combines her modeling, artwork, blog, and more! It’s not a lot of information available at the time because the site is still under construction but when it’s available you’ll be the first to know. To avoid getting into trouble with our adorable Carrie, we aren’t going to spill the beans just yet. We tend to focus on finish products to avoid making any mistakes that we’ll have to correct in the future. What we can say however, is that the site is absolutely adorable! The colors give the site a very relaxing feeling that will comfort your eyes as soon as you enter it. The site includes dozens of features that involves her portfolio,  jewelry, art, and even a special blog section for all the VIP’s. We got word about Carrie thinking of creating the website about a week ago, but we didn’t expect it to come so fast. Carrie Madeline is one of the very few that chooses to have her actions speak for her and this only back’s up her words and makes them as solid as her modeling career. You can check out the website below!


Click Here To Check Out Carrie’s New Website!

Photographer: William Joseph!

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