Pure Pro Destroys “Ape Talk” & “Word to My Mama” From New Mix-Tape ‘All Pro Everything’

all-pro-everythingPrince Vega – We were pretty late getting to this one and we are pretty mad about it. The long awaited release of Pure Pro’s mix-tape ‘All Pro Everything’ has come to the beginning stages of being fully released and two songs are now out to prove it.


Earlier this month, the group came together and teamed up with YoQ45 and released a powerful street single titled ‘Word to My Mama‘ on SoundCloud. The single which features Pure Pro members Thump, Baker, Bagz Bolso & Truth, was the second release from the mix-tape that has yet to have a set release date. Before that Shank White & Pluck Exquisite released  ‘Ape Talk‘ on SoundCloud and destroyed it!


The momentum from both of the high-quality releases makes the wait for the new project seem worth it. Without a doubt, these two songs are equally matched with the same energy that’ll lead you to believe Pure Pro is  hungrier than ever. The sound of their voices gives greater meaning to hunger as you listen to each artist tear into both each song from the mixtape.


The timing would suggest things in their personal life may have played a part in the group not releasing material as a whole much sooner. Pure Pro is known to dominate the underground music scene as a whole and it’s been that way for years. Each artist individually possesses unique attributes that make Pure Pro stand out more than most groups.


The group has managed to land on Internet Hollywood’s front page three times this year and four times in total. We predict those numbers rise as the group moves closer to releasing more material in the near future. You can check out both of the songs by clicking the highlighted links below!


Pure Pro –  Ape Talk

Pure Pro – Word To My Mama

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