Pure Pro Gearing Up To Release New Mixtape “All Pro Everything” – Music Video In The Works

ALL PRO  EVERYTHINGPrince Vega – Some people aren’t noticing that one of Hartford, Connecticut’s biggest rap groups Pure Pro has been increasing their activeness on their social media pages which leads us to believe that the release of their new mixtape “All Pro Everything” may soon be on its way. After a little digging I’ve discovered a concentrated style of promo activity going on through some of the members Facebook pages, including recent status updates that reveals that they are working on a new music video for one of the songs on the mixtape.

Frank White (Pure Pro):

“PROs video shoot in progress we lil bit every, we lit ‪#‎Wrd2myMamma‬ u want a cameo want to support. ‪#‎PULLUP‬ if can’t. Go support. ‪#‎Huff‬ & ‪#‎Sax‬#PUllup”

A past update I personally received on the project through a relative source in the Pure Pro movement was that the mixing was still in the process and has not yet been completed. Today I got confirmation from Pure Pro’s Truth that the first video for the mixtape is currently in the works. He also told me that the wait was to make sure everything was perfect. Any mixtape that takes nearly a year to be complete must be wicked. I’m hoping that it matches the hype of the promo when things come together.


pure proAlthough our readers are not familiar with acts from Connecticut, Pure Pro has been dominating the Connecticut music scene for years. Back in 2010-2011, Pure Pro was the leading rap group in Connecticut on the Mayhem Music charts. The group lead a winning streak that lasted for months and even made history when a member of the group participated in one of the most talked about rap battles in Connecticut’s under music scene.


Many people are also unaware that Pure Pro consist of dozens of members that are also relatives to Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. This group of relatives includes cousins and also an older brother who his father side. Pure Pro is a publicly known group in Connecticut that has been doing music publicly years before Prince Vega appeared.

Check Out Some Of Pure Pro’s Music Below!



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