Pure Pro’s Truth Annihilates Kendrick Lamar’s “Look Out For Detox” Beat In New Freestyle

truth imagesPrince Vega – Freestyle challenges is becoming a thing in the underground music scene and Connecticut’s own Truth is now joining in on it. The Pure Pro MC put his lyrics to the test and ripped into the flesh of Kendrick Lamar’s “Look Out For Detox” instrumental and published it on his social media page for everyone to see.


Since its release on Facebook he managed to draw in 56 shares, over 100 likes and loads of supportive comments to follow the wrath of his vicious bars that feeds the hunger that produces great material like the newly released impressive freestyle.


During the video Truth engages in a flexible flow that switches up as he freestyles seconds into the video. The unique flow he unloaded carried unique punchlines with a fast pace to add to certain lines as he arrived to brand new bars he delivered with great intensity. “Can’t ride my wave with a harpoon/slip in the flow you shark food/weak punches can’t see me like you shadow box in a dark room.” #kendricklamarchallenge


This freestyle is just a taste of what makes members of his group Pure Pro great. The group is currently working on a mix-tape titled “All Pro Everything” that is already at the ending stages and will be on its way out sometime soon. The artwork of the mix-tape has been released but the release date at this moment remains unknown.


Pure Pro has made front page news in Internet Hollywood three times and we predict more times will come as Internet Hollywood enters into a brand new season. You can listen to Truth’s freestyle by clicking the highlighted link below!

Truth – Look Out For Detox


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