Quality View Entertainment releases S-Type music video titled ‘Sucka Free’ featuring Mr.Loud

Musicians – Independent Connecticut artist S-Type is back at it again with new music to heat up the underground music scene. The hip hop artist just released a new music video titled ‘Sucka’ featuring Mr.Loud. The new music video comes after S-Type was lighting up his social media following with other tracks and two included Hartford hip hop artist Hartford Po.  The songs contributed to S-Type’s first publication on our website.


The four-minute long video was shot by Max Amillion of Quality View Entertainment in the state of Connecticut and was published on Max Amillion’s channel on YouTube. I attached the YouTube video to the bottom of this story for you all to check it out.


After doing a little search I discovered YouTube wasn’t the only outlet the song was published on. The video was also release on Facebook and has already passed over 1k views. I later begin seeing some of the shares on my Facebook news feed. This shows that S-Type is off to a really good start pushing his first song. We will just have to see where that road takes him!

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