Quality View Entertainment share’s a clip of Trife Snitte’s new music video, video around 68% done

Independent Musicians – The countdown is on before Trife Snitte releases his new music video and there is already footage available online to see. Max Amillion of Quality View Entertainment recently shared a video of him editing the footage to Trife Snitte’s new music video to one of his songs from his upcoming mixtape. I don’t have much information about the project he’s currently working on nor did the 1-hour episode of his documentary reveal a lot of information about the project but it’s clear it is coming.

I peeped the 15 second clip of the music video on Max Amillion’s Facebook page on September 30th and I felt the need to share it. The video shows Triffe performing the verses to his new song from his upcoming project and it looked pretty dope. I got in touch with Max Amillion to ask when did he plan on releasing the full video and he told me it should be out in about two weeks. I later saw that he posted that the editing to the video is about 68% percent done. You could check the clip of the video by clicking the link below.


~*Check out the video clip*~


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