Quiet Storm Challenge: Hartford PO’s Freestyle To Mobb Deep’s Beat Pulls In Over 20,000 Views

hartford po newPrince Vega – Connecticut’s own Hartford Po has set the underground music scene on fire with an explosive freestyle to Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm” in response to a challenge that’s catching a great deal of attention from rappers all over Connecticut. The support following the freestyle released through Facebook video streaming feature has garnered over 500 comments, 21 thousand views and over 900 reactions.

Since the unexpected release of the video many other artists from the Connecticut has carried on the torch to display their gifts by aligning themselves with the challenge that’s been hyped up by a friend name Wil Rivera who continues to challenge Connecticut artists lyrical strength and power starting with their own challenges.

During the freestyle Hartford Po explores the world of his own by piecing together his experiences by each bar he connects that reflects his lifestyle. “My Kids grow in straight Jordans all the newest fives/to see em cry you would die for these school supplies.”  – #QuietStormChallenge

Newer artists may not be able to decipher the way bars are structured but Hartford Po clearly has an ability to create verses with multies that successfully shaped the delivery of each of his bars making them far more entertaining and wicked.

The extremely talented artist first debuted in Internet Hollywood a month ago when he was released from prison. It isn’t our business to dig and share why but we are happy to report on another talented artist from Connecticut. You can listen to Po’s verse to the new “Quiet Storm Challenge” by clicking the highlighted link below!


Click Here To Listen To Hartford Po’s “Quiet Storm” Freestyle

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