QVE brings you behind the scenes to Quise Da God’s new song “Virgin”, Jay Young releases the music video

Musicians – Max Amillion of Quality View Entertainment has been keeping himself busy with his latest video releases and he still got more coming. One of his latest videos I recently stumbled across included independent Connecticut artist Quise Da God. The rapper was creating a new song titled the ‘Virgin’ in a studio and gave everyone the inside scoop on how the behind the scenes look with it all coming together.


Quise Da God started his rap by expressing it through a story he coined around the term “virgin” and it worked out pretty nicely. In this video, you will witness Quise’s creative thought process in putting together the song and his viewpoints on how music is done by others.


But that isn’t all I discovered on my quest to finding out what’s happening in Connecticut’s music scene. I also discovered that the music video (done by Jay Young) had already been released and I was just late catching up on it. The music video could be found on the YouTube channel titled ‘Jay Young’ and it has been streamed over 3,000 times. The music video ‘Virgin’ was done by 20/20 Vision Shot By Jay Young. You could tell Jay Young was locked and loaded when he produced these great shots in the video. Be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel below!

~20/20 Vision Shot By Jay Young~

~Quality View Entertainment~

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