R.I.P Marshall Wiggins: Connecticut Suffers Huge Loss In East Hartford Shooting! (Please Donate)

marsh wigginsPrince Vega – Social media pages all over Connecticut is filled with rest in peace pictures after a 35-year-old man by the name of Marshall Wiggins was shot and killed on Rector St. around 11:15 p.m. while he sat in a vehicle, a report says. According to Lt. Timothy Juergens, two officers were near the scene when the shots were fired, but he claims nothing could have been done by the time they got to him. Neighbors claimed they heard six shots and claimed to have discovered Wiggins slumped inside of his car.


To the mainstream media news this is just another shooting that involved another black male. But if the journalists apart of the mainstream media news actually did they damn job and did the research they would have found out Marshall Wiggins was very loved by many people who has memories of him they hold dearly.


It is time that we stop engaging in cowardly acts like this to kill our own brothers and sisters who already been through enough as it is. I did not know Marshall Wiggins, but I’m not going to sit here and pretend that he didn’t exist because I didn’t know him. We need to come together to end violence anyway that we can. He did not have to die this way. Now his beautiful strong mother and family has to go through a painful time because some coward chose to hide behind a gun instead of a grown man excuse to not do something so terrible to another human being.


I lost my aunt, uncle, and close friend to my family last month all within a two week period. Do you have any idea how much going through a lost hurts? It’s horrible. We need to stop killing each other and be GROWN UPS AND WORK OUT OUR  DIFFERENCES THE BEST WAY WE CAN. To remember Marshall Wiggins we have put his R.I.P picture on our front page. To Marshall Wiggins family, I, Prince Vega, Internet Hollywood founder, am so sorry for your lost and will pray for you and your family while you go through these hard times. I ask that everyone show their respects and donate to Big Marsh’s Home Going Services GoFundMe Page by clicking the highlighted link below!


R.I.P Marshall Wiggins ~ Gone But Never Forgotten



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