R.I.P Splash: O’Merta Tribute To Deceased Friend Pulls Almost 30,000 Views In 72 Hours

omerto newPrince VegaO’Merta has made a huge impact for Splash independently and the support following it has helped the Connecticut artist rack nearly 30,000 views within a 72 hour period. The success of the tribute song has outperformed all of previous work (views wise) and has put the artist on a noticeable scale that has exceeded many others who has been in the underground scene for over a decade. The release of the song quickly received almost 1 thousand likes, 1,117 shares, over 100 comments and 29 thousand views.

The support that stormed in were from friends, family and others who gave their condolences to the young talented artist who was known to others in the public scene and showed a huge amount of support. The lyrical young talented artist was killed in a car crash that also took the life of another person.

O’Merta is a close friend to Splash and was largely impacted by the loss. A very close friend of his told me that O’Merta wrote the song the same day he heard about it which proves the point I made on how music lives in the veins of this talented artist. O’Merta had a few words of his own in the status attached to the published song.

“I never thought I would have to make a song about you but I know you would do the same for me. We all taking it hard down here but I know you up there saying everythings alright, I love you bro thats why this is for you‪#‎PressPlay‬‪#‎SHARE‬HipStop ParkstreetSplash Taking Over

We ask that you all continue to show your amazing support and share O’Merta’s song for Splash. You can listen to the song by clicking the highlighted link below.  ~*~*R.I.P SPLASH*~*~


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