R.I.P TURBO: ProjectXPlatinum Model Sandi’s Adorable Little Doggie Passes Away

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Internet Hollywood celebrity Sandi is taking a terrible load this weekend after the cutest little dog she owned passed away. The model broke the news to her family & friends about 15 hours ago on Facebook and haven’t been herself since. Sandi attached a picture of Turbo on her timeline before bringing light to the news for all eyes to see how emotional she was about it.

Her status:

“I just don’t understand! RIP Turbo!  my baby passed away for no reason!”

Anyone that is friends to our adorable Sandi personally will know that Sandi absolutely adored her little Turbo and had tons of pictures of him all over her page on Facebook. Dozens of photos publicly released to share would indicate the strong relationship  Sandi had with her adorable dog. The cause behind his death is unknown but we are hoping Sandi and those helping her find out what may be the reason this adorable little soul would just suddenly drop dead out of nowhere. ProjectXPlatinum continued to publicly express how she felt about her beautiful little baby boy passing moments after he seamed perfectly fine.


Second status:

“My heart is hurting so badly! I don’t like going anywhere in my house. Everything makes me see him with his big eyes, tiny cute little head and his adorable smile with his tongue hanging out and he isn’t here! I want my puppy back!!!!!! He was so happy and healthy ten minutes before I just don’t understand!!!!!”

Words can’t describe how Sandi feel after going through the terrible feeling of losing such an amazing little dog. We are so sorry about her loss and we hope she stay strong through the heartache that remains inside. Her love will create the never ending bond inside the heart of Turbo that will live inside her for the rest of her life.





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