Rae Alison reveals her favorite films & childhood series: “my favorite film was anything with Hilary Duff… “Cadet Kelly”, “The…”

Topic of the Week – Rae Alison recently chatted with Internet Hollywood about her favorite childhood films and series and revealed some of her favorites, the ones her and friends will reenact, which ones gave her nightmares, and what her powers and name would be if she was a superhero or villain. Each question was given to every person that participated in this topic of the month. Here’s what Rae Alison said.


Her favorite films and television series to watch:


Rae: I think growing up, my favorite film was anything with Hilary Duff… “Cadet Kelly”, “The Lizzie Mcguire Movie”. also loved the older shows on MTV like “Room Raiders”, “Parental Control”, and “Next”!


The ones her and her friends would act out:


Rae: I would impersonate Hannah Montana ALL THE TIME when i was younger. To this day, i am still a hardcore Miley Cyrus fan. I bought the wig and would sing all of her songs and learn the dance moves.


Movies that gave her nightmares: 


Rae: I think the scariest movies i have watched were “House at the end of the street” and “Scream”. I hate things that pop out at you! The conjuring definitely gave me nightmares and i had to sleep with the lights on for a little while.


If she was a villain or superhero what would her name and powers be?:


Rae: would totally choose to be a superhero. I would love to be a mind reader so i could anticipate people’s moves. I would be called “Rae of Sunshine”


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