Raheen McGhee Continues To ‘Grind Hard’ For Promotional Business, Manages Female Rapper V-NE$$

grind hard 2Passionate promoter and hardworking manager Raheen McGhee a.k.a Grind Hard has caught the attention of some our representatives after reviewing a submission that was sent to us through an email. The promoter is from Hartford, CT and he currently manages a female rapper by the name of V-NE$$.


V-NE$$ is no stranger to our Mayhem Musik readers that followed the beginning stages of our development. Her exciting lyrical flow and affiliation with Million Dollar Camp, a rap group, has helped her dominate our CT charts #1 spot on Mayhem Musik in the years 2011-2012. She also appeared on the front of Internet Hollywood after releasing her music version of the ‘Your Not Like Me’ by 50 cent. It is safe to say with the grind and work effort of her and Grind Hard things will continue to work in her favor. The best thing about life is believing in it with you embodying the reflection of that emotion in the psychical world. To a lot of people that may seem confusing, but to visionaries it is formula of success.


Grind Hard’s influences comes from legendary acts like Rakim, Big L, Eve and MC Lyte.  He was in charge of Swag TV’s promotion department. He also manages another act by the name of Lex Ruby. He’s also been seen in pictures with very skilled artists like O’Merto. He’s passion in helping others out is returning results in his favor and people are noticing.


Hartford, CT is also the hometown of Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega.

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