Ra’Naisha discusses her holiday plans, planning a Halloween party, Michael Myers being her favorite series, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Independent Connecticut model Ra’Naisha kept her answers short and simple in a recent interview with did over the weekend about Halloween. She was one of the people I got in touch with that chose to weigh in on our topic of the week (Halloween) by answering five questions I had written. We talked about her holiday plans, favorite movies, and more. Check out the short interview below!


~*~*Topic of the Week – Halloween /w Ra’Naisha*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Ra’Naisha! We are weeks away from Halloween and many people are gathering their thoughts on what their plans are for the popular holiday. I have been getting the inside scoop on everyone’s plans to share with the Internet Hollywood universe. What are some of your plans for Halloween? Do you plan on dressing up as anything?


Ra’Naisha: Yes I plan on dressing up but I’m still undecided. Me and my friends are planning on doing a Halloween party.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite horror movies to watch and favorite food and candy to eat around this time around?


Ra’Naisha: My favorite horror movie is all the series of Halloween Micheal Myers I love to eat candy corn, so delicious.


Internet Hollywood: A holiday like Halloween could be pretty dangerous if a person isn’t careful. A lot of people use this day to really bring out their immature behavior. What is something you feel everyone should keep and mind and do to stay away from looters, paintball shooters, and other things of that nature?


Ra’Naisha: I feel like everyone should b very safe and aware of their surroundings because it’s a lot nasty ppl out here so I would want everybody to be safe


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever went through a haunted experience growing up that was hard to explain to others?


Ra’Naisha: No I haven’t. And I can’t imagine going through it


Internet Hollywood: Last questions, what horror movie character horrified you when you were younger and is there any horror movie that you wouldn’t watch because it’s too scary?


Ra’Naisha: Actually, no. I have never been scared and I don’t fear any horror movie character.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the holiday interview, Ra’Naisha!




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