Ra’Naisha Na’jai Cranford discuss holiday planning, ‘Home Alone’ being her favorite Christmas movie, Christmas photoshoots and the best gift she received!

Christmas (t.o.t.w) – One beautiful high school senior from the state of Connecticut is gladly sharing her thoughts on Internet Hollywood topic of the month, Christmas. 18-year-old independent model Ra’Naisha Na’jai Cranford is someone I was connected to through Facebook for a couple months. Her really chill personality is what made me extend a hand to find out her plans for this year’s upcoming holiday. Although she didn’t say too much, I definitely was pleased with her responses!



~*~*Christmas /w Ra’Naisha Na’jai Cranford*~*~



Internet Hollywood: What were your favorite Christmas movies to watch as a child growing up?


Cranford: Home Alone.


Internet Hollywood Question: Are there any new favorites on the list now that you’re a young adult now?


Cranford: No not really.


Internet Hollywood: I’ve been hearing a lot of plans for the holidays but I never really got a chance to hear yours. What will you be doing during the holiday?


Cranford: Nothing really just a family get together and I think that’s about it.


Internet Hollywood: Have you had thoughts of doing a Christmas photo shoot?


Cranford: Yes I have had thoughts about it and I am actually going to talk to my manager about it


Internet Hollywood: Do you think you made the naughty or nice list this year?


Cranford: Nice because I been so nice lately, even when I was stressed I was still nice.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite Christmas songs to listen to?


Cranford: Mariah Carey all I want for Christmas


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what would you say is the best present you ever got or given to someone for Christmas?


Cranford: My big television I always wanted somebody to give it to me for Christmas.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you, Cranford!




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Ra’Naisha Na’jai Cranford: Instagram
Photographer: Mark Murphy lll



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