Rap artist Banga Bandanaz continues hammering the streets, drops a new freestyle titled ‘Death Wish’

Mayhem Musik – One independent musician from the state of Connecticut is back heating up the streets with brand new music for people to listen to. Rapper Banga Bandanaz just released a new freestyle titled ‘Death Wish’ on his Banga Bandanaz Youtube channel making it is 18th released song since the beginning of last month. The other freestyle that was released before that was to Lil Kim’s “Queen B*tch” instrumental.


Since the release of his new song, it received great feedback from those that took the time out to listen. Many people that chose to share their thoughts on his social media posted fire emoji’s, comments, and even quoted out one of the bars they liked.


His new freestyle carried the sound Banga Bandanaz is known for; clever wordplay, multis, aggression and storytelling. Bandanaz remixed an old song by 50 cent titled ‘Who U Rep Wit” from his ‘Guess Who’s Back?’ album that was released in 2002. The song ‘Who U Rep With’ was produced by Trackmasters and featured Nas and Bravehearts. You could check out Banga Bandanaz remix to the song below.


Bandanaz also released a mixtape earlier this year (February) titled ‘Hennessy Thoughts’ that could be heard on Datpiff.com. The mixtape included 13 tracks and features S Type, Snacks, Smooth, Sqruillz, Tawn and Pro. (listen here)


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