Rap artist Banga Bandanaz goes the F**K off in his ‘We Lit’ freestyle, listen to the new freestyle now!

Musicians – Independent Connecticut rap artist Banga Bandanaz just went the f**k off in a new freestyle he just released titled ‘We Lit’ on his YouTube channel. My early morning start to find more news ended up with me finding this video and writing about it so all of you guys (and gals) could hear if your into good music from growing talent. Banga Bandanaz unleashed the fury on the hard hitting beat with story-telling like lyrics and concentrated bar choice delivery which made the song more entertaining to listen to.


I wrote up a couple of highlights from the song that really caught my attention. These are some of my favorite bars from the song he released.


“How the **** I’m pose to have respect from ya’ll n****s/

Hard to separate the real n****s from fraud n****s//

Why ya n****s always be like why you aint call n****s/

I was taught to stay shut and never involve n****s//

and you knew that when it was beef where was you at/

braggin about getting shot who did you clap?//

You aint never rob a n***a your face showin/

I take the dees on the high speed till the breaks smoken//


This was only a few of some of the hardest bars he spit in his verse in the song. Banga Bandanaz has been actively involved with music releases this year. You could check out the new song by clicking the link below!


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