Rap artist Banga Bandanaz new song ‘She Got A Man’ to pass over 3,000 views!

Musicians – Independent Hip Hop artist Banga Bandanaz new song ‘She Got A Man’ recently hit the net and it’s currently doing it’s rounds and the views are reflecting it. The artist recently released a new song titled ‘She Got A Man’ on Facebook and Youtube to add to the previous releases that hasn’t gone unnoticed by those that really follow his music.


The new song received a bunch of supportive comments and a lot of shares from people that placed the song in their news feed for others to check out the music. I reminded myself to write about the new song, that’s on the brink of cracking 3,000 views, and publish it on the website to let others know of its release.


The new song takes a different road from some of the previously published songs that made headlines on the website. The hook says:


I’m not the type of ***** that’ll hold your hands/

But I’m down to chill I hope tonight you ain’t got plans//

If you down for real then i might just take my chance/

but you know we got to be eeeeeaasyyy cause you said you got a man//


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