Rap artist Banga Bandanaz releases a new music video for his ‘Trendsetter’ freestyle

Musicians – Independent Hip Hop artist Banga Bandanaz continues to light up the underground music scene with new music, popular battles, music videos, and live streams. The artist just provided more fuel to his rap career by releasing another music video, this time for his ‘Trendsetter’ freestyle. I found out about the song after being tagged it by Banga Bandanaz through his social media page that was lit up by dozens of supportive comments, shares, and almost seven thousand views on Facebook since its release a couple of days ago.


This music video comes a week after the release of his music video ‘Loyalty’ that could also be seen on his ‘Banga Bandanaz’ YouTube channel. Around that same, there was also another released to one of his songs titled ‘Down Ass Bitch’ that was released as well. This also proves how actively involved Banga Bandanaz has been in the music scene this year.


The 2-minute ‘Trendsetter’ freestyle brought the sound Banga is known for in the neighborhoods that are familiar with his stylish wordplay and impactful delivery. He brought the same kind of energy that was expected and came out with another dope release and a nicely edited video by Iris Filmz. You could check the video out below!


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